Web Sites to Organize Your Life

I love organizational web sites.  Here’s some I use almost daily-  I hope you find them as useful as I do!

For garderners,  there’s  Dave’s Garden.  This site offers an elaborate system where you can keep track of every plant you own from the time you first put the seeds in the ground til you eat the mature crop. The system takes a little bit of studying to figure out  but once you’ve crossed that hurdle, it’s easy and fun to use.  All of this is free but you need to sign up for a paid membership to use the discussion forums.

Ravelry is like MySpace for knitters.  Sometimes I think this site is too good to be true!  You can store info about your personal knitting projects,  keep tabs on your supply of yarn and needles,  download knitting patterns, and much more.  But the main charm of Ravelry is the community.  There are hundreds of special interest groups you can join.  I’m a member of a groups for Orthodox knitters, knitters in Monterey, vegetarian knitters and knitters with chihauhuas!  It’s all too cool. Each group has it’s own discussion forum and most of them seem to be pretty lively places.  If you love to knit (or crochet) and are a little geeky,  you’ve just gotta join Ravely.  It’s free to join but there’s a waiting list. 

Fitday is, in my opinion, the most useful site for those of us who, for various reasons,  need to keep track of our food intake.   It’s not a diet program like eDiets but it does just about everything else eDiets does and for free.  It generates graphs, tells you if you consumed enough vitamin A last week, tracks your exercise,  etc.   If you need to gain or lose weight or need to keep track of your calcium or fat intake,  this is the site is just about perfect.

I use Yahoo’s calendar to keep track of appointmensts, events and school assignments.  I find it a little frustrating to use at times but it does the job.  I imagine Google’s calendar is just as good.  If anyone knows of a better calendar for keeping track of homework assignments,  please let me know.

I hope you all are sailing well on the sea of Lent.  And thank you to Pat for the daffodils!


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  1. debd
    Apr 10, 2008 @ 18:24:55

    Oh I love the daffodils and will definitely check out that site.

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