“The Adventures of Johnny and Talia”

Years ago, I had a web site for kids which I called “Beantown.” Since these were the days when the Internet was young and web pages were simple, Beantown was a bit of a success. The site centered around the continuing adventures of two Christian kids named Willy and Grace who, along with Flop the dog, got into Nancy Drew-type scrapes in a fictitious coastal town in California. (This was before the TV program “Will and Grace” came on the scene, to my dismay.) The site had Bible stories and projects kids could do, related to the current story. This was back in the day when web sites had guest books and I was amazed at how many kids read Beantown. People from all over the world signed the guest book and one lady wrote that she used Beantown as Sunday school curriculum! Beantown was simple. It was just stories with simple graphics. I had an “Ask Aunt Betty” feature where I attempted to answer visitors’ Bible questions.

I haven’t worked on Beantown since I became Orthodox. Willy and Grace were not Orthodox. I’ve thought about reworking the site, making them Orthodox, but that seems all wrong somehow. Instead, I am going to launch a new site called “The Adventures of Johnny and Talia.” It will be just a simple as Beantown and may not be the hit Beantown was because the Internet has gotten a whole lot more complicated, but I am optimistic and enthusiastic.


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