St. Xenia of St. Petersburg

xenia4Today is the day we who are observing the Old Calendar commemorate St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, whose name I have taken. Happy name day, all you Xenias out there!

stxeniasXenia lived in Russia in the 18th century.  She lived a comfortable life until her husband, a military officer, died suddenly at a drinking party.  Xenia was only 26 years old at the time.  She was led by God to give all her possessions to the poor and took up a homeless life of wandering, becoming a Fool for Christ. She reposed in her early 70’s and was buried in the Smolensk Cemetery in St. Petersburg not far from a church she helped build. This church is often depicted in icons of St. Xenia. I’ve posted a photo of this church taken by our friend Dan. St. Xenia was canonized in 1988.

The troparion to St. Xenia:

Having renounced the vanity of the earthly world,
Thou didst take up the cross of a homeless life of wandering;
Thou didst not fear grief, privation, nor the mockery of men,
And didst know the love of Christ.
Now taking sweet delight of this love in heaven,
O Xenia, the blessed and divinely wise,
Pray for the salvation of our souls.

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  1. Volodya
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 19:30:59

    just see Xenia Blog

  2. Michael Woerl
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 18:37:15

    St Xenia of Petersburg has long been one of my favorite Saints! My first child was baptized with the name Xenia, in honor of St Xenia of Petersburg, I am always glad to see another person who loves St Xenia! I would liek to mnntion two things-although it seems, as of late, that different Orthodox sources use the word “Canonization” in regards to procliaming a new Saint, the correct word within the Orthodox Church is “Glorification.” For the sake of brevity, I won’t go in to the “whole nine yards,” but, “Canonization” and “Glorification” are really two very different concepts, with “Canonization” being a very Roman Catholic concept.
    Perhaps more important is the fact that St Xenia of Petersburg was Glorified as a Saint of the Holy Church in 1978, by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. At the time, although there were “differences” between the ROCOR and other Orthodox Churches, the Glorifiication was geenrally accepted, Icons of Holy St Xenia were accepted in other Orthodox Churches, and, the Orthodox faithful in other jurisdictions accepted the proclamation of a “new” God pleasing Saint! Those who “refused” to accept were more mired in the “political differences” than anythign else. The following is an indication of the geenral mentality of those who refused to accept St Xenia as a Saint. This was a remark from someone in another jurisdiction, commenting on the Glorification of St Xenia: “Oh, the ‘Synod’ [a name then sometimes used for the ROCOR] made some crazy old lady from Russia their newest saint!” Lord have mercy! Saint Xenia of Petersburg, pray to God for us!
    In Christ,

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