Home-baked Bread



Wedding Pictures (Crowning)


Wedding3The crowning

With our good friend (and my goddaughter) Grete


With Father Thaddaeus

Overwhelmed with Good Things

wedding crowns There is a lot going on this week and all of it’s good.

Thursday was my husband’s birthday. We celebrated with breakfast at his favorite breakfast cafe and had his traditional apple pancake. Afterwards, we went to Salinas in search of a Guayabera. This is an elegant shirt worn by Hispanic gentlemen to weddings and parties. We found the perfect shirt in JC Penneys, of all places. He looks great in it! That afternoon I attempted to make a rather ambitious lemon cake recipe. It was a disaster but tasted good. R. and C. came over to eat spaghetti and to help celebrate and all agreed that the cake tasted a lot better than it looked.

And the reason Eddie needs a nice Guayabera (AKA “The Mexican Wedding Shirt”) is because Eddie and I are having an Orthodox wedding this Sunday! We were married 35 years ago in a house trailer by a retired Methodist minister. We stood before his artificial fireplace and the “wedding” was interrupted by the phone ringing. It was probably the worst “wedding” I’ve ever attended. But even though the “wedding” was terrible, the marriage has been great.

But this Sunday we are having a “crowning.” This will be a short long service Sunday afternoon, not a full-on wedding ceremony. I am so happy about this! We bought nice silver rings that say “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me” engraved on them, and just today I finished making our crowns. I am so happy to have the chance to have a real church wedding!

So this Sunday, we will attend Liturgy, then go home with some good friends for brunch, then return to the Church at 2:00 for the crowning. After that there will be ice cream and cake on the patio. And after THAT we need to get home to celebrate our granddaughter’s third birthday. I have prepared a modest pinata for her in the shape of a jelly fish. I hope she likes it! I need to bake a cake for her, too!

She’ll be spending the night. Monday evening we are invited to the home of some good friends and I must remember to bring Spanish rice.

There’s a lot going on but as you can see, it’s all good.

Especially the crowning. 🙂