Glory to God!


This is the best time of the year!  Lent is over,  Pascha was glorious and now we are in that basking-in-the-sun period of BBQs and gardens.

We did so-so for Lent.  I can either pray or fast- I have trouble keeping up with both.  A monastic friend reminded me of the words of Christ when His disciples couldn’t cast out the demon.  He said “This kind only comes out by prayer and fasting,”  So the two together are important,  but difficult for me.  We did well with the dietary restrictions (the easy part) but I was neglectful of prayer at times (the most important part.)    So I strained at gnats and ate a few metaphorical camels.   (Soy camels, in this case.)

But I did come out of Lent with the determination to delete FarmVille,  which I did.  No offense to any of you FV fans,  but it was a total time-waster.   I was looking at my neighbor’s garden the other day.  It is exquisite,  while mine is still a jungle.   It was obvious to me that my neighbor has spent the winter doing real gardening while I spent the winter doing virtual gardening on  FarmVille.

Nevertheless, this year’s garden is well under way.  The patio, with its pots of flowers and vegetables,  has become a pleasant haven for eating and reading.  The two side gardens are still very weedy,  but progress is being made.   From last year we still have carrots, onions, chard and beets.  Time to start fresh with squash, peppers, corn and lettuce.   The foxgloves and sweet peas are beautiful!


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