How to Kick a FarmVille Addiction

Are you addicted to FarmVille? I’m not here to tell you whether you are or not;  only you can answer that question.   Not everyone who plays FV is addicted, but I know that I was. Spending hours on the game contradicted everything I believe in.  Once the realization sank in,  I wanted to quit but the nature of addiction being what it is,  I had a very difficult time.  But I finally managed it, and here’s a simple plan that might help you, if you too would like to give up this colossal time-waster.

FarmVille is a load of fun; that’s why we play it.  As long as it continues to be fun we will continue to play it.  The secret of kicking the addiction is to increasingly make FV less fun and to eventually make playing the game so burdensome that you come to hate it.

Follow these steps:

1.  Zynga  is continually thinking up new themes  and sub-games to entice  you to keep playing.   Don’t start up any new horse barns or French maisons or whatever New Thing Zynga has devised.   You can set your FB page to hide all FV messages.  Do it!

2.  While you’re at it,  unfriend all the FB people that you only befriended to be FV neighbors.

3.   Sell off all the animals and other items that require daily tending.    Sell all your trees, too.

4.  Sell or delete all the little stuff- the wheelbarrows,  the bird feeders,  the benches,  etc.

5. Sell or delete all the buildings.  Delete your Crop Mastery Signs.  (This will be hard because they can’t be replaced.)

6.  Now,  plow up every available inch of ground.   You may have to delete some plots to make room for all the perfectly orderly rows of plowed plots.   You want wall-to-wall plots with no room for anything else.

7.   Plant the whole thing with RASPBERRIES.   In two hours, you will have to harvest the whole field and you will be  bored out of your mind.

8.  If any joy remains,  plant the field over again with more raspberries.  You will have wasted hours plowing, planting and harvesting raspberries.     Continue planting and harvesting raspberries until you can’t stand it anymore.

9.  After a few days of raspberry therapy,  plant the whole field with a 4-day crop like yellow melon.   After all those raspberries you will be relieved not to have to mess with FV for the next four to eight days.

9.   Harvest the melons.  At these point,  I suspect you will be sick and tired of FV.  If not,  plant another field of yellow melons and come back next week.

10.  By now you are  ready to uninstall FarmVille.  Do it.  You will be relieved,  trust me.  If you think you might be tempted to reinstall FV,   take your FV shovel and delete all the plots till all that’s left is green grass.  Get rid of your money by buying and immediately deleting big-ticket items like houses, etc.  Do this till you have no money left,  then uninstall FV.  That way, if you are tempted to reinstall it,  you won’t have any money left to play with.

11.  Block FV.   By doing this, you won’t be able to see FV on other people’s FB pages.

12.  Congratulations!  I suggest you find a wholesome,  non computer-oriented hobby.  Gardening, knitting,  cooking, hiking, reading… You know, all the stuff you used to do before FV. Whatever you do,  don’t start playing a new computer game.

Good luck and God bless!

Edited to add:  Someone reminded me of FV tractors and harvesters!  I completely forgot about them.   Since the rationale of my cure is to  make  the game so tedious that you would rather eat glass than play another minute,  you have to get rid of the farm equipment first thing.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Debbie Z
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 23:44:07

    Congratulations too! I recently heard a guy say that he was so addicted that he would probably leave his farm to his children when he died, lol.

    I checked it out once and couldn’t figure it out. Just as well! I probably would have gotten addicted too! I see my sister-in-laws posts and ALL she ever does is play games. I sent her a letter one time and she never responded, then I realized she’s only on FB to play games. It wouldn’t hurt me to lighten up a bit on FB, but I don’t think playing games is the solution, lol

    You are a wonderful writer. I like to write short stories, have started a book, and then realized that I didn’t know exactly where I was trying to go with it!

    In 8th grade my English teacher liked one of my stories and asked if she could put it up for others to read. I was surprised, but told her yes not thinking much about it. (Which has been one of my problems since, well, forever!) Well, story was about my first date, and being the “not thinking” person that I am, I didn’t think about the fact that my date was also in my English class! Thought I was going to die, lol.

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