A Month of Writing, Cooking and Blogging

Several yearly events begin  tomorrow,  November 1st.    A repeat for me is  National Novel  Writing Month. The purpose of NaNoWriMo is to write a  50,000 word novel  from scratch during the month of November.  If you are able to do it,  you “win.”  I “won”  in 2008  but never even got started last year.  I’m all revved up this year with a plot all set to go,  using the characters from the 2008  novel.    I re-read the  2008  book (which I had printed out and bound at Office Depot)  so I could reacquaint myself with the characters’  quirks.  At midnight tonight I’m going to write the first chapter!

The second event I’m participating in is a new one for me:  Vegan Month of Food.   I’m to blog about something veganish every day for the month.  This should be pretty easy because if I run out of steam I can just post what I had for dinner.   The links for both NaNoWriMo  and VegMoFo are on the sidebar to your left.

I will also continue updating my other, more serious blog,  Eating  Like  A Sparrow.  That”s the blog where I attribute American obesity (and other ailments) to animal welfare (or lack of animal welfare) and corporate greed.  And as we come to Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Advent Fast I hope to have some articles here on Xenia’s Garden about simplifying Christmas.   So, plenty to write about.


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