Three Sisters Garden, 2 weeks later

Our Three Sisters Garden is flourishing! Click for larger view.

A pumpkin vine is amazing.  The other morning I looked at the trailing edge of the biggest vine and noted its progress.  At noon I saw that it had grown at least two inches and by sunset, it had grown a few more inches.   The pole beans are twining nicely on the poles and the corn.


Hanging Tomato Baskets


Three Sisters Garden

Three Sisters Garden, still young

This year we planted a Three Sisters Garden:  tall corn in the middle which supports the climbing bean vines which are shaded by the big leaves of squash plants.   We dumped out last winter’s compost heap into two piles and planted the seedlings right on the compost.   For the beans we planted Kentucky Wonder pole beans and for the squash we planted pumpkins.  I started all the plants as seeds on the patio.  This photo is a week old-  things have really taken off,  especially the pumpkin vines.   On the other, smaller compost pile I planted zucchini instead of pumpkins.  That little patch was attacked by some kind of pest and I had to spray the plants with insecticide soap.   This is such an easy type of garden to plant and care for.  I don’t think I have enough corn plants to get good ears of corn because corn needs to grow in a crowd of fellow corn stalks in order to pollinate properly.  But I am very optimistic about the beans and the pumpkins.  Gardens are such a consolation. Thank you, Lord.

Here’s a link to a page that explains the Three Sisters Garden.

Pilgrimage to St. Xenia’s Skete (Part 2)

Cozy Kitchen Table

Front Porch of St. Xenia Church

A Little Garden

Our cabin

Pilgrimage to St. Xenia’s Skete (Part 1)

Two friends and I visited St. Xenia’s Skete last month.  Here’s a few photos!

The front gate. The sign says "Blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord"

St. Xenia Church

Along the path to our cabin

Noble, the monastery dog

We also visited St. Herman of Alaska's Monastery, and this is the church there.

Fr. Seraphim's old cell