The readers of Xenia’s Garden know that the authoress is a tender, animal-loving soul who loves all creatures,  even rodents.  However,  the Hated Gopher crossed the line the other day when she  absconded down the gopher-hole with a morning glory plant that was just of the verge,  the very cusp,  of forming a lovely vine that was supposed to climb up the trellis I had just made for this very plant.  I was able to forgive the two full-grown zucchinis,  the pumpkin,  the entire lettuce patch,  the row of onions,  the spinach, the green beans and the kale but this was simply too much.  This creature had crossed the line.

I went to the hardware store,  looking for some form of Gopher Death.  There was a small crowd of people standing around in this department and an eavesdropper would not be faulted for thinking he was listening in on battle plans for the Invasion of  Normandy.  I joined in,  handing products down to the man in the wheelchair who was attracted to a sonic device that promised to scare the gophers out of the yard.  “But into my neighbor’s yard,”  I observed.  “I  don’t want to do that.”   An employee,  a handsome freckled youth,  was reading the warnings on the side of Gopher Poison.  “It says you shouldn’t use this product around vegetables.”    A wiry middle-aged man spoke up:  “Nuke ’em all!”  and spoke with affection about his shotgun.

I settled on this thing:

It appeared to be a large mouse trap.

I brought it home,  read the directions,  and set the spring to test it out.  I gingerly inserted a pencil which resulted in a loud SNAP and a busted pencil.  It looked plenty lethal.  After searching around for the perfect gopher hole (I found a good one where there used to be a large green bean plant) yesterday I set the trap in the entrance.

And this morning….


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  2. whew
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 19:13:08

    I checked my mole trap the next day after reading this and had caught a nice fat one. I love that feeling of “revenge”.

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