Feverfew Tincture

I have always had migraine headaches.   They were never severe enough to get prescription medicine but I went through quite a few bottles of Exedrin for Migraines.  I had always heard that the herb feverfew,  a daisy-like plant that seems  related to chamomile,  made a good preventative.   I ordered a pack of seeds from Seeds of Change,  planted them,  and now I have large flowering feverfew plants all over the yard as they reseed prolifically.  It is a very pretty plant!   I originally ate the leaves but now I make a tincture of the leaves and take a spoonful each morning.  I learned how to make the tincture from Mother Olga at St. Xenia’s Skete.   I am not a doctor or a medical professional or an herbologist and I’m not prescribing or even making any suggestions but I can say that I hardly ever get a migraine anymore.   It’s not a remedy to take if you are in the middle of a migraine;  it’s something you take everyday to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.   But again,  I am just telling you a story and not making any suggestions or offering advice!  You might be allergic to it, for all I know.  Be careful!

Here’s a lovely feverfew plant in the backyard:


Harvest leaves before the flowers form,  if you think about it soon enough.  Otherwise,  go ahead and pick a quart jar full of clean dry (DRY) leaves,  leaving out flowers, buds and stems.   Now take a bottle of  CHEAP VODKA and pour it over the leaves,  cover,  shake good,  and leave it in a dark-ish place for a month.  Give it a good shake when you think about it.  After a month,  strain the dark green liquid into a clean jar and there you have it!  I take a spoonful each day but I am not making any suggestions or prescriptions or offering advice for any of you folks!


Finished Tincture

Remember, you didn’t hear it from me.

Today is the first day of the Apostles’ Fast.

Saints Peter and Paul


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