Black Friday

I ventured out this morning with some family members and did not observe any horror stories but I did see a lot of people shopping for presents for their families.  The day after Thanksgiving is not some kind of high holy day where we are all expected to stay home and feel superior to everyone else.   Why is it virtuous to skip Black Friday (which again, is not Thanksgiving nor is it Christmas) and spend twice as much later on in the month for the exact same thing?  Sure, the fights over electronics are sad but we don’t have to act like that,  we can be cheerful and thank the store clerks for being on duty.  We do not have to be cynical all the time.

Speaking of which,  here’s a cute sweater I got for my granddaughter:

sweaterShe will love it!  What would be the virtue in spending twice the price next week?

And while I’m at it…

Don’t be grouchy when some poor clerk says “Happy Holidays.”  They were probably ordered to say it and they are having enough stress this time of year without enduring any “Christian” snark. Just remember that “holiday” means “holy day”  and respond with “happy holy day to you too!”  And be sure to SMILE.  Make their day better,  not worse.


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