Holy Great Martyr Barbara


Today is the day we remember Holy Great Martyr Barbara.  You can read about her here:


Troparion, Tone 4

Let us praise holy Barbara who has broken the snares of the enemy. By the help of the weapon of the Cross, she has escaped as a bird and flown Godwards.

Kontakion, Tone 4

Great Martyr Barbara, thou didst follow Him Who is praised in Trinity, having abandoned the idols’ shrines. Thou didst strive in the midst of the arena, not shrinking from the tyrants’ threats. Thou didst cry out in a strong voice: I worship the Trinity, the One Divinity.



The Awful Mr. Noodles


Meet Mr. Noodles, the assassin.

Just last month I was sitting at my desk working on the family’s stamp album.  After a few hours of intense hobbying,  I decided to stand up, only to discover that someone had tied me to the chair.  Looking closer I saw, to my astonishment, that someone had wrapped my legs to the chair with a large quantity of green twine.  In fact, the whole room was garlanded with twine.  The assassin was perched on the chair planning his next move which I believe was to set the house on fire, knowing I could not escape.

That night, he carefully placed a broom across the bedroom door at shin height and sat nearby, waiting for me to trip in the dark,  which I surely did, without harm.   So why do I love this little monster so much?

Meanwhile,  today is the first day of Lent, the solemn day we remember Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

adam and eve

Adam was rightly exiled from Eden for not keeping
Thy one commandment, 
O Savior.  But what shall
I suffer who am always rejecting They living words?










Venerable Prochorus of the Kiev Near Caves


Possibly the Best Video on the Entire Internet! With Subtitles!

The Samaritan Woman

Ruby and Rita

Hens are triangular creatures.

Today is the day the Church remembers the Samaritan Woman,  also known as the Woman at the Well.  The Orthodox Church knows her name was Photini,  or Svetlana in Russian.  When I hear this Gospel story I am struck by how true this story rings to modern ears.  Everytime the Lord says something uncomfortable to her she changes the subject,  just like I would have.   Happy name day to all the Svetlanas and Photinis and may God grant you many years!

The Lord and the Samaritan Woman

And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms,  especially my own!

Commemoration of the Departed

Tomorrow is the day the Church commemorates the departed faithful,  with an all-night vigil tonight.   I will confess that I didn’t use to go to this type of service but I have made to myself what is probably a rash vow that I would try to attend every service on the schedule.   I have missed so much by just attending Liturgy on Sunday morning.

Just two more “meat days”  and then it’s Cheesefare Week.  I’ve got to squeeze a hamburger in there somewhere.

The Revival of Orthodoxy in Russia

Sorry-  the video has been removed from the Internet, or at least, it’s no longer at this location.

Pilgrimage to St. Xenia’s Skete (Part 2)

Cozy Kitchen Table

Front Porch of St. Xenia Church

A Little Garden

Our cabin

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