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Holy Great Martyr Barbara


Today is the day we remember Holy Great Martyr Barbara.  You can read about her here:


Troparion, Tone 4

Let us praise holy Barbara who has broken the snares of the enemy. By the help of the weapon of the Cross, she has escaped as a bird and flown Godwards.

Kontakion, Tone 4

Great Martyr Barbara, thou didst follow Him Who is praised in Trinity, having abandoned the idols’ shrines. Thou didst strive in the midst of the arena, not shrinking from the tyrants’ threats. Thou didst cry out in a strong voice: I worship the Trinity, the One Divinity.


Black Friday

I ventured out this morning with some family members and did not observe any horror stories but I did see a lot of people shopping for presents for their families.  The day after Thanksgiving is not some kind of high holy day where we are all expected to stay home and feel superior to everyone else.   Why is it virtuous to skip Black Friday (which again, is not Thanksgiving nor is it Christmas) and spend twice as much later on in the month for the exact same thing?  Sure, the fights over electronics are sad but we don’t have to act like that,  we can be cheerful and thank the store clerks for being on duty.  We do not have to be cynical all the time.

Speaking of which,  here’s a cute sweater I got for my granddaughter:

sweaterShe will love it!  What would be the virtue in spending twice the price next week?

And while I’m at it…

Don’t be grouchy when some poor clerk says “Happy Holidays.”  They were probably ordered to say it and they are having enough stress this time of year without enduring any “Christian” snark. Just remember that “holiday” means “holy day”  and respond with “happy holy day to you too!”  And be sure to SMILE.  Make their day better,  not worse.

A Good Smoothie

Chard, bananas, carrots, frozen pineapple, flax seeds, a kiwi and an apple.

Everyone in the Blender!




Blurry but tasty!


The July Massacree

Someone recently asked me about my chickens and my “chicken blog” and I realized I hadn’t updated Xenia’s Garden since June! One July  night while we were out of town some animal-  a skunk or a raccoon or maybe it was an inter-species conspiracy-  invaded the back yard, killing Ruby,  my Rhode Island Red and all three lovebirds, who were sitting on a nest of four eggs,  just about ready to hatch.  They almost got the guinea pigs, too.  My daughter came out to the back yard that morning to check on the animals and found blood, feathers, smashed eggs,  and what was left of Ruby.   The villain snatched her off her roost as she slept. We cleaned up the mess and fortified the chicken pen.  We got four new chicks and a parakeet (Mr. Peeps) to replace the lovebirds.    The little hens are nearly grown and get along well with the two hens from the origianal flock,  Rita and Rhonda.   Rhonda is still alive, by the way, but she has a “pendulous crop” and hardly lays any eggs.  She’s still my favorite. Here’s the new girls:

Louise, Rhoda, Goldy and Daisy

I found a very useful web site for the Saints of the day:  Eternal Orthodox Calendar.

Today the Church commemorates St. James, the brother of the Lord.


I finished my NaNoWriMo novel last night!